Hockey @ King tut’s 20-09-09

September 28, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, September 20 * * *

There were three memorable things about tonight’s gig by Portland quartet Hockey. Two were songs, more of which later, and one was drummer Anthony Stassi’s fine John Bonham-esque moustache.
In keeping with his 70s look were his disco drums which for the most part energised and drove the band on, but too often it was a build-up to an unfulfilled climax, Learn To Lose and Preacher two examples.
Attempting to mesh too many influences led to a confused sound on lowlight 3AM Spanish while Curse This City felt distinctly cut-and-paste. A bit of variation in the shape of Four Holy Photos did help break up the relentless disco beat, the song’s Dylan-isms possibly a sign of better things to come.
Two tracks that could propel them up the charts are debut offering Too Fake, sure to be re-released, and current single Song Away. Lifted from their Mind Chaos album, the latter in particular with its infectious sing-along chorus had the packed crowd dancing on the spot.
As for the rest, it was a hit or miss affair but at least Put The Game Down’s all-out rock finale allowed the four-piece to go out on a high.


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