Bombat Bicycle Club @ King Tut’s 27-09-09

October 5, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, September 27 * * *

When London outfit Bombay Bicycle Club first came to public attention after winning Channel 4’s Road To V in 2006, they were still technically speaking a school band. But as you’d expect, it didn’t take long for the quartet to be snapped up by a major.
Released on Island Records a year after finishing their studies and becoming a fulltime band, debut album I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose has drawn mixed reviews since its summer release.
Tonight it was easy to see why as the BBC worked their way through a set that although hardly ground-breaking still managed to entertain thanks to the passion and enthusiasm of the fresh-faced four.
They certainly got off to a good start with Magnet and Lamplight whipping the youthful crowd into a frenzy but for all-out intensity it was Open House which stole the show. Packed with explosive bursts of guitar, held together by a simple but incendiary hook it was by far the indie-rockers’ best moment.
A formulaic approach did blur some songs while frontman Jack Steadman’s fractured vocals often felt like an afterthought but such was the overall energy of the band’s performance it was still a set that made for compelling viewing.


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