Phil Campbell @ Classic Grand 29-09-09

October 5, 2009

Classic Grand, Glasgow, September 29 * * *

Moving to London to pursue a music career is a path chosen by many aspiring musicians. Most fail to realise their dream of a record deal while those who do get signed quickly have to learn to negotiate the clichéd pitfalls that the music business invariably throws up.
For Phil Campbell it was those pitfalls that led to the loss of not one but two deals. Money and chances were squandered, drugs and alcohol fuelled his day-to-day life and eventually contributed to the end of his marriage.
One bright light in that otherwise dark period was the birth of his son, the catalyst for the writing of his new album Daddy’s Table.
If you manage to get past the incredibly creepy title it’s easy to recognise that Campbell isn’t your average singer/songwriter. Tonight he played the album in its entirety and in the process showed he’s still got much to offer thirteen years on from his ill-fated arrival in London.
Wrecking Ball Nights was by far the pick of the nine-song set while For The Boozers and the Losers came a close second thanks to Campbell’s dark soulful vocal but a tendency to over sentimentalise his confessional lyrics marred several songs, My Wee Soul proving the worst offender. Overall however it was a solid display from a songwriter who seems to be back on track.


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