Strike The Colours @ Stereo 02-10-09

October 14, 2009

Stereo, Glasgow, October 2 * * * *

Having recently produced one of the albums of the year – Seven Roads – Jenny Reeve’s Strike The Colours appeared at a sauna-like Stereo tonight to celebrate its release. Sure to be buoyed by the strong turn-out, the willowy singer and her well-honed four-piece band set the tone from the off with sublime opener Cold Hands. Reeve’s hushed, soulful vocal and the song’s understated instrumentation making for a captivating four minutes.
New single Breathing Exercise, with its brisk drums and dark yet uplifting chorus, proved an instant favourite among the crowd while The Things I Can’t Explain’s dreamy meandering verse and contemplative lyrics made it the pick of numerous highlights that peppered an at times enchanting performance.
While most of the crowd listened on appreciatively there were some for whom chatting was more of a priority. It took a light-hearted plea from Reeve before Train Of Thought and a quick round of shushing from those down the front to silence the ignorant element.
Thankfully however by Rivers the crowd was once again focused on the stage. Joined by former Aereogramme singer Craig B, it provided a suitably atmospheric finale to what was a thoroughly compelling display.


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