Nerina Pallot @ Oran Mor 07-10-09

October 15, 2009

Oran Mor, Glasgow, October 7 * * *

It’s the best part of three years since Nerina Pallot last played Glasgow. According to the Jersey-born songwriter she’s spent most of that time “moping around and baking”. Of course she did also record her third album, released on Monday through her Idaho label.
If her prediction is correct The Graduate is set to replicate the success of previous offering Fires by reaching the top 40. However whether it pushes its way to the upper echelons of the charts seems a stretch given the fairly run-of-the-mill nature of much of the new material that made its way into tonight’s set.
It’s probably not the best idea to say you’re going to play a different version of a new song because you find the original boring. Hardly a ringing endorsement, but that’s how Pallot introduced Coming Home, a saccharine ballad which, like most of the new songs aired, lacked a real spark or hook capable making an impact.
On When Did I Become A Bitch she strayed into Lily Allen territory while new single Real Late Starter, although bright and poppy, felt fairly predictable and ultimately not a patch on her biggest hit to date and crowd favourite Everybody’s Gone To War. Well-received it may have been but overall it was a performance where inoffensive songs were met with polite rather than rapturous applause.


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