Delays @ Tut’s 19-10-09

October 26, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, October 19 * *

You could easily picture Southampton four-piece Delays on Britain’s Got Talent. Watching soulless singer/guitarist Greg Gilbert look wistfully into the distance, clutching his mic then his heart while delivering insipid ballad Satellite Lost might have been forgivable but for the combination of two key factors – the coma-inducing nature of the song and Gilbert looking like H from Steps after a couple of nights spent sleeping rough.
Thankfully ballads were few and far between. Instead most of the quartet’s set comprised upbeat, occasionally catchy but ultimately disposable indie-pop tunes with the emphasis very much on pop. Try as they might to be rock, Gilbert’s theatrics coupled with inoffensive songs made taking them seriously almost impossible.
The sold-out crowd might disagree. Desperately prompted to sing, clap along and even start a Mexican wave, they indulged Gilbert and synth/sampler brother Aaron’s attempts to generate some kind of atmosphere on favourites Nearer Than Heaven and Wanderlust.
Tellingly however, the audience seemed far less willing to succumb to the brother’s well-worn antics on new tracks lifted from Star Tiger Star Arial. Still a work-in-progress, the title-track in particular showed little evidence of inspiration while May 45 exhibited the most excruciating falsetto on a night when competition for lowlights was fierce.


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