Therapy? @ Tut’s 28-10-09

November 9, 2009


King Tut’s, Glasgow, October 28 * *

Before this tour you’d have been forgiven for forgetting about the very existence of Irish trio Therapy, after all it’s fifteen years since their most successful album Troublegum reached the top 5. Since then the band has recorded a further eight studio albums with minimal fuss and limited press interest, the most recent of which, Crooked Timber, appeared earlier this year.

Whether they could turn back the clock to their mid 90s heyday was the question. The simple answer was ‘no’. Even if you discount the consistently poor sound it was hard not to feel somewhat underwhelmed by this marathon performance. A combination of playing twenty-five songs and saving the hits until the end made it an at times arduous experience, especially given the repetitive nature of much of the set. The biggest failing however came courtesy of singer/guitarist Andy Cairns and his notably limp vocals.

Maybe if he’d spent more time attacking his lyrics rather than dedicating songs and pogo-ing like a twelve-year old it would have been a different story. Aggression was key to Cairns’ delivery when the band was at its peak but tonight, the second show of a two-date Tut’s stint where neither night sold out, it was a far from commanding display and one which only came to life during the encore.


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