Bowerbirds @ Captains Rest 31-10-09

November 13, 2009

Glasgow, Captains Rest, October 31 * * * *

The last time Bowerbirds played Glasgow it was to promote debut album Hymns for a Dark Horse. That night the duo put on a captivating display at The Admiral in front of the smallest of crowds. Tonight they repeated the trick but sadly it was another sparse turnout for the North Carolina group.
They may have been dressed up, in singer/guitarist Phil Moore’s words, as “average Americans” for this their Halloween show, but there certainly wasn’t anything average about the band’s music or performance.
The charismatic Moore was undoubtedly the star of the show thanks to vocals that made you hang on his every lyric. Emotive, honest and on Hooves in particular, spellbinding, it was hard not to be drawn into Bowerbirds’ lyrically evocative world.
Fittingly, of the songs taken from recent second album Upper Air, it was Northern Lights that shone brightest although Crooked Lust came a close second.
Not missing a trick, halfway through Moore enlisted the audience’s help on a modified or rather spookified rendition of Ghost Life. It may have strayed into pantomime territory initially but such was the band’s enthusiasm for our participation it proved another endearing and memorable moment.


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