Grizzly Bear @ ABC1 02-11-09

November 13, 2009

ABC1, Glasgow, November 2 * * * * *

From cult outsiders to Billboard top 10 artists, Grizzly Bear has found its audience share increase significantly since the critical and mainstream success of third album Veckatimest earlier this year – another sold-out crowd, this time in the cavernous surrounds of the ABC1 further proof of that.
Despite niggling technical problems this was a stunning performance from the four-piece and one which, thanks to the all-consuming nature of songs like Fine For Now, Deep Blue Sea and While You Wait For The Others, will certainly live long in the memory.
More often than not lighting at gigs is an afterthought but not tonight. Set up around the stage, suspended from poles, lanterns added to the ethereal vibe that permeated much of the four-piece’s set.
Playing larger venues has allowed Grizzly Bear to make more of a visual impact and on the epic Lullabye, the marriage of light and sound couldn’t have been more perfect. From its gradual build-up, through dark lush harmonies to a potent climax, it dazzled and dizzied in equal measures.
At times reminiscent of Pink Floyd it was a truly hypnotic display. Foreground’s ominous air further heightened the atmosphere, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention and although there were a few grumbles regarding set list omissions, it was a happy crowd that departed after a sublime encore of He Hit Me.


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