Fionn Regan @ Captains Rest 09-11-09

December 18, 2009

Captains Rest, Glasgow, November 9 * * * *

Parting company with his previous record label on artistic grounds allowed Irishman Fionn Regan the freedom to record the second album he wanted. Left to his own devices and armed with a wealth of material accrued from his two-year stint on the road, the end result was quickly snapped up by Heavenly Recordings.
Whether it can match the critical success of Mercury-nominated debut The End Of History will become clearer early next year when Shadow Of An Empire hits the shelves. On tonight’s showing there’s every chance he’ll repeat the trick.
Often when a set is predominantly made up of new material you can sense the audience’s eagerness for more familiar strains, but tonight the sold-out crowd didn’t seem at all fazed. Little wonder given the immediacy of songs like Protection Racket and Genocide Matinee.
The bar was set high from the start with openers House Detective and Coat Hook both showing Regan’s more robust leanings while Little Nancy flowed hypnotically thanks to his well-honed band’s ethereal playing.
Of course there was still space on the set list for crowd pleasers like Underwood Typewriter and Put A Penny In The Slot, both of which drew the expected response from a crowd only too happy to lend their vocal ‘talents’ to proceedings.


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