The Hussys @ Sleazys 14-11-09

December 18, 2009

Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow, November 14 *

This was not a good gig. Not musically, in terms of delivery, crowd reaction or atmosphere. It was a show where original ideas were thin on the ground and personality seemed to evade both the music and the band. Sporadically enjoyable for all the wrong reasons, it was a night when a new sub sub genre was born. It’s name, cruise-ship pop-rock.
It became clear early on that style rather than substance was going to win out – if only The Hussys spent as much time on songwriting as singer Fili spent on her elaborately elevated hair.
Mindless melodies, repetitive lyrics and a tendency to ‘borrow’ from other bands – The Police’s Roxanne on Rock Steady and glaringly The Coral’s Dreaming Of You on Tiger – made taking them entirely seriously difficult.
If Fili and sidekick guitarist James McColl had shown the slightest trace of presence or passion it might have helped generate some much-needed atmosphere, but instead the meagre crowd remained noticeably distant from the stage and by and large impassive.
With the words ‘rock steady’ (repeated what seemed like a thousand times) still ringing in our ears the band trooped off stage only to return for an encore that tellingly no one requested – a Noisettes cover ending a set easily summed up in one word: Butlins.


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