My Latest Novel @ King Tut’s 28-12-09

January 2, 2010

King Tut’s, Glasgow, December 28 * * *

No matter how hard they might try there are some bands that seem somehow out-of-place on stage. They appear more like individuals than a band. The Shins are one example, another is Greenock’s My Latest Novel.
There’s no doubting their collective talents, two acclaimed albums are testament to that, but live performances can suffer from the slightly shambolic air the five-piece all too often exude between songs. Momentum is the casualty and tonight was no different.
When you could actually hear the band over the incessant chat there were moments to savour. Opener All In All In All Is and the excellent Hopelessly Endlessly, taken from second album Deaths & Entrances, proved most compelling.
With little in the way of rapport between band and crowd, it’s maybe not surprising that levels of background noise rose steadily throughout the set – “I love this one” yelped one punter before proceeding to yap away for the duration of the song.
Crowd and occasionally sound gremlins aside, the biggest shortcoming came courtesy of a band lacking in the kind of presence, passion and cohesion that can make a good studio group a great live band, a real shame given their obvious song-writing ability.


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