Val Verde @ Tut’s 02-01-10

January 10, 2010

King Tut’s, Glasgow, January 2 * *

For unknown, unsigned band Val Verde to sell out King Tut’s you’d think they must be doing something right. That thought was quickly called into question tonight on learning that a fair chunk of the crowd were bussed in from the quartet’s hometown of Dunfermline. It’s nothing new, how else would you explain Dundee’s The Law packing the same venue a few years back?
As it turned out it wasn’t a good omen, neither was the introduction of a new crowd chant “we’re only here for the Verde” which rang out for much of the night. On the aptly named Can You Hear Me singer Ryan Sharp’s vocals were sporadically drowned out by the throng’s over-zealous chanting.
However if the previous eight songs were anything to go on then we didn’t really miss much as throughout Sharp’s Americanised, Jon Bon Jovi vocal theatrics did little to sell songs which lacked imagination and most tellingly a cutting edge.
Instead tracks like Ghosts, Number 8 and Do You Remember Mono felt predictable and at times fairly mindless. The band themselves didn’t do much wrong in terms of delivery, but with little in the way of presence all in all it was a disappointing start to the decade.


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