OK Go @ ABC2 18-01-10

January 22, 2010

ABC2, Glasgow, January 18 * * *

Originally billed to play the 1200 plus capacity ABC1, a general lack of interest for this show meant a major downgrading to the more intimate surrounds of the ABC2 was required. However even at a quarter of the size it was still far from packed.
It didn’t seem to faze the band however. Frontman Damian Kulash, suitably lubricated by a healthy supply of whiskey, revelled in the chance to get hands-on with an easily accessible and enthusiastic crowd. Neither did it mean a scaling down of their stage show.
Bursts of red and yellow ticker-tape often drew more cheers than the pop-rock songs they were designed to augment, while the crowd was at its most attentive not when Kulash was boring us with dreary ballad Last Leaf but when he was cracking wise between tracks.
And therein lay the problem. The music very quickly became secondary, a distraction before the next round of banter. Entertaining as a spectacle yes but by the end it was OK, just go.


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