Chew Lips @ King Tut’s 26-01-10

February 1, 2010

King Tut’s, Glasgow, January 26 * *

Generic synth sounds, a less than compelling singer and, most importantly for an electro-pop band, a lack of hooks, made London trio Chew Lips’ headlining set tonight pass in a forgettable blur of blinding lights and uninspired beats.
Opting to follow La Roux’s pop path, Chew Lips’ singer Tigs shares a love of both abstract make-up and costumes with her Kitsune counterpart, but if truth be told tonight it all smacked of imitation, and a poor one of a poor choice at that.
Watching two guys hunched over synths, nodding away isn’t very visually compelling so there’s a lot of pressure on a singer and the material. Tonight neither component equated to anything even vaguely resembling excitement.
Save for Gold Key, we were treated to one big indistinguishable mass of bass, beats, synth and strong but unimaginative vocals. There’s a fair chance that the sight of Tigs dancing like a mime artist while sporting a look best described as ’80s magician’s assistant’ will be the night’s abiding memory for some.
Uninspired, harmless music coupled with an average singer made for a mundane 40 minutes and one that did little to suggest Chew Lips will be experiencing the kind of mainstream success their label-mate is currently enjoying.


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