Chemikal Underground @ ABC1 31-01-10

February 5, 2010

ABC1, Glasgow, January 31 * * * *

Tonight’s 15th birthday celebration for Scotland’s most respected label may have featured eight acts but if truth be told it will be a night memorable for just one band, the latest addition to Chemikal Underground’s rostrum, The Unwinding Hours.
The brainchild of former Aeroegrammers Craig B and Ian Cook, the five-piece’s display was little short of jaw-dropping, no mean feat given this was their debut performance.
Perfectly bookended by the epic Knut and as singer/guitarist Craig B put it the “really quiet then really loud” Final Hour, it was a flawless twenty-five minutes and one which sets the band up nicely for the imminent release of their self-titled debut LP.
Elsewhere on the bill it was the Phantom Band that stood out with sprawling, multi-layered instrumental Crocodile the pick of their headlining set. As for the rest of the line-up only Emma Pollock really made much of an impact, thanks to a set of all-new material, the highlight of which was Hug The Harbour.


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