The Low Anthem @ Old Fruitmarket 28-01-10

February 5, 2010

The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, January 28 * * * * *

One of the picks of this year’s Celtic Connections, tonight’s performance by Rhodes Island’s The Low Anthem didn’t disappoint – reverential silence engulfed a busy crowd intent on savoring every moment of the quartet’s set.
And rightly so as this was one of those rare evenings when resisting the charms of the band was futile. A night when spines tingled, spirits soared and time seemed to evaporate.
Apparently they’d had a less than successful show the night before but as Anthem leader Ben Knox Miller put it they’d “shaken off the rust”. Few would dispute that after this display. Song after song drew wide-eyed adoration and sustained applause from the Old Fruitmarket audience.
Alongside the truly beguiling Charlie Darwin, songs like Ticket Taker, Senorita and The Ghosts Who Write History Books came alive in a way that eluded the band, not only on their last visit to Glasgow, but also on wax. Authentic, endearing and entirely captivating, tonight The Low Anthem showed just what they’re capable of, and in considerable style too.


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