The Sunshine Underground @ ABC1 03-02-10

February 12, 2010

ABC1, Glasgow, February 3 * *

After positive reviews for their debut, Leeds based quartet The Sunshine Underground find themselves facing that tricky second-album. So far favourable column inches for Nobody’s Coming To Save You have been as thin on the ground as tonight’s crowd.
Struggling to half-fill the venue and with atmosphere in short supply, it became clear very early on that those who chose to stay home and avoid the snow had made the right decision as what followed was an uninspired set of disco-infused indie-pop more noteworthy for the volume it was played at than the actual content.
However spotting the very obvious influences on particular songs did at least help pass the time – The Music on Coming To Save You, The Rapture on Any Minute Now and oddly Muse on One By One.
Belting out these mindless predictable anthems in quick succession, singer/guitarist Craig Wellington’s delivery felt forced and cliched. Add to the equation effects-stained vocals on practically every track and derivative songs and you have a gig best described as below average.


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