Midlake @ ABC1 15-02-10

February 19, 2010

ABC1, Glasgow, February 15 * * * *

No matter how good they may sound in a studio, not all bands thrive on stage. Some seem lost, insular and awkward – The Shins spring instantly to mind. On past visits to Glasgow that was the certainly the case when it came to Midlake. Great songs, forgettable performance.
Tonight however the Texans went some way to repairing their live image with an altogether more memorable display. That’s not to say it was a stunning set, it wasn’t, but thanks to some extended jams and the obvious sincerity of guitarist/singer Eric Pulido, it was a far more pleasing affair than their last ABC1 appearance..
Musically a certain repetition did pervade some of the tracks lifted from latest album The Courage Of Others but there was still much to enjoy with Rulers, Ruling All Things, Bring Down and Core Of Nature proving worthy additions to the Midlake catalogue while Roscoe and Head Home inevitably provoked the most vocal reactions from the crowd.


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