Vampire Weekend @ Barrowlands 13-02-10

February 19, 2010

Barrowlands, Glasgow, February 13 * * *

It’s easy to understand the appeal of Vampire Weekend, they’re not your average band and as they demonstrated tonight their songs can get a crowd dancing. Such was the infectious nature of the quartet’s African rhythms that at times the queue for one bar resembled a conga line, albeit a very slow one – turns out Gloria Estefan was right.
But as well as getting toes tapping, a good portion of this nineteen-song set resulted in head scratching. Uneasy tempo changes, a general disjointedness and too many ideas made some songs an endurance test – Diplomat’s Son the worst and by far longest offender.
With enough fan favourites littering an energetic performance, there’s no denying the quartet put in a strong showing and generated plenty of atmosphere. Songs like Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, A-Punk, One (Blake’s Got A New Face) and Oxford Comma galvanised the masses while encore offerings Mansard Roof and Walcott ensured it was a buoyant crowd that spilled out of the Barrowlands.


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