Marina and the Diamonds @ Oran Mor 19-03-10

February 27, 2010

Oran Mor, Glasgow, February 19 * *

Tonight marked Marina Diamandis’ first Scottish show since coming second in the BBC’s Sound of 2010 list. In the past such an accolade would have brought certain expectations but given the calibre of previous nominees those expectations have taken a nose-dive in recent years.
So maybe not surprisingly the Welsh singer/songwriter’s set tonight was something of a disappointment.
For forty-five minutes Diamandis, backed by a four-piece band, flounced about the stage delivering her brand of inoffensive pop and while the mainly female crowd whooped with delight, presumably at her delivery, it was difficult to see how it could have been prompted by the singer’s featureless hook free material.
If truth be told the most memorable aspect of tonight’s display was Diamandis’ outfit which screamed Cbeebies reject. In comparison songs like Girls, Oh No and Shampain proved instantly forgettable while the closest she came to a musical highlight was Numb. A Regina Spektor-esque ballad it showed a certain quirky flair but it was to be a fleeting moment of promise in an otherwise tedious performance.


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