Kate Nash @ Classic Grand 06-03-10

March 15, 2010

Classic Grand, Glasgow, March 6 NO STARS

When established names play more intimate venues to showcase new material you’d expect the place to be packed so it was something of a surprise to find the Classic Grand half empty for Kate Nash tonight – 90 minutes later it all became clear.
There’s a good chance after this performance that next time she visits Glasgow the crowd will be smaller still and not just because she didn’t play her biggest hit Foundations.
No the biggest problem with Nash tonight was, well Nash. When delivering her woeful lyrics she came across like a petulant teenager while her interactions with the crowd felt about as sincere as a Hallmark card.
Weirdness abounded throughout her erratic performance – playing the same song, I’ve Got A Secret, twice when once was once too many and most bizarrely reciting the kind of poem that’d make a teenager recoil with embarrassment.
Add to this new material best described as ‘suspect’, a shambolic finale and no encore and what we were left with was a disgruntled crowd only too happy to voice their displeasure.


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