The Automatic @ King Tut’s 16-03-10

March 19, 2010

King Tut’s, Glasgow, March 16 * *

After a rapid rise The Automatic find themselves in a state of decline. Once the darlings of the N.M.E, the band were, depending on your source, either dropped by their label or decided they’d been poorly promoted and quit.
So for new album, Tear The Signs Down, the Welsh quartet has opted to go it alone, releasing their third L.P on their own label Armoured Records.
A cynic might suggest it’s a move born out of the music industry’s disinterest and the band’s desperation. Whatever the reason, throughout their set it felt very much like we were watching a band who’d run out of ideas.
No matter how hard and energetically they tried, the consistently lacklustre nature of their new material made for laboured and on occasion painful listening. Tellingly after four years, even their hit Monster seemed to fall on tired ears.
Failing to sell out Tut’s, the crowd’s half-hearted reaction to all bar a couple of moments from a couple of tracks made this a night memorable for one thing – guitarist Paul Mullen’s futile attempts to sing while wearing a horse’s head mask during final song Steve McQueen.


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