Patti Smith @ Oran Mor 24-03-10

March 26, 2010

Oran Mor, Glasgow, March 24 * * * * *

This wasn’t just a gig, it was so much more than that. For the best part of two hours Patti Smith captivated the sold-out crowd, reading excerpts from her memoir Just Kids, playing songs and generally making the kind of connection most performers can only dream of.
Effortless throughout, her performance at times felt truly magical – the audience certainly seemed spell-bound, hanging on every spoken word, every lyric.
Interspersing evocative passages from her book, including memories of moving to New York and meeting Allen Ginsberg for the first time, with songs like Dancing Barefoot and Pissing In A River, it really was a sublimely-crafted set and one which the Oran Mor audience savoured.
Tonight’s abiding memory however came during an impromptu Q&A session when one fan requested Rock N’ Roll N****r. After some brief “re-learning” Smith and her sidekick Tony Shanahan obliged with the first ever acoustic rendition of the song and in the process made many a punter’s year let alone night.


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