Ash @ ABC1 27-04-10

May 6, 2010

ABC1, Glasgow, April 27 * *

The talk in the run up to Ash’s latest tour was of the trio’s newest ‘member’, Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack. However his contributions tonight – rhythm guitar, a few synth-generated electro undertones, most notably on Neon, and an ability to stand still looking vapid – added little dimensional to the music while his presence failed to invigorate proceedings with some much-needed energy.
With the odd exception, the excitement on hearing songs like Goldfinger, Shining Light, Oh Yeah and Girl From Mars never really spread beyond the pocket of pogo-ing diehards front and centre.
With frontman Tim Wheeler restricting his chat to the odd platitude, the music was left to do the talking but what it said was largely forgettable.
Coming thick and fast, and with the band’s tired and tested punk-infused indie pop formula all too blatant, even the hits lost their sheen, their potency diminished and diluted by a swathe of filler.
After 24 songs over two gruelling hours what had been a largely soulless display devoid of abiding memories was over. At least on their next visit to Scotland and TITP they’ll only have half-an-hour.


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