Idlewild @ ABC1 30-05-10

May 7, 2010

ABC1, Glasgow, April 30 * * * * *

When Idlewild singer Roddy Woomble wrote on the band’s Facebook page “after this year it’s an appropriate time to take a break, a ‘hiatus’” it wasn’t a big surprise when the N.M.E, no doubt eager to fill their online news quota, jumped at the chance to announce the band’s imminent demise.
Thankfully the five-piece have no intentions of calling it a day, and why would they after such a positive response to last year’s Post Electric Blues? Instead they will embark on its follow-up after a bit of a “rest”.
Roared on by the sold-out crowd, tonight is was business as usual as the band powered through a rapid-fire and at times incendiary set, throwing themselves into songs like Readers and Writers, Idea Track and A Modern Way Of Letting Go with real conviction and passion.
However for intensity and sheer potency Post Electric, and more specifically its bombastic instrumental climax, was unrivalled, the crowd joining Woomble in looking on with pride at one of Scotland’s most important bands.


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