Brian Jonestown Massacre @ ABC1 18-05-10

May 21, 2010

ABC1, Glasgow, May 18 * * * * *

Anton Newcombe’s band the Brian Jonestown Massacre may have released a new record this year but tonight there was no room for material from Who Killed Sgt. Pepper. Instead it was the music which so succinctly sound-tracked acclaimed warts-and-all documentary Dig! that made up a trance-inducing psychedelic rock n’ roll set which, bar the odd moment of histrionics from the temperamental frontman, only served to confirm the prolific Newcombe’s undoubted song-writing talents.
Being the leader of a band that at times tonight possessed no fewer than five guitarists, and in total numbered eight requires ‘people skills’, sadly for what has always been an interchangeable line-up Newcombe is unfamiliar with the phrase, as demonstrated tonight when the a faulty snare drum caused the petulant singer to lead his band off-stage.
Still with songs like Servo, When Jokers Attack, Anenome and truly hypnotic show closer Swallowtail at your disposal, it’s easy to forgive the ego behind the music – especially after a show like this.


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