THE FEATURES @ King Tut’s Glasgow 28-07-10 * * * *

July 5, 2010

The Features’ debut album Exhibit A may have been a critical success but the band’s brand of ragged pop-rock failed to penetrate the public consciousness, which given the wealth of pop nuggets it contained is a real shame.
Subsequently dropped by their label, the Nashville quartet has found a new lease of life courtesy of the Kings Of Leon. Having toured with KOL, the band became the first signings to the Followill boys’ record label Serpents and Snakes last year.
Six years on from a dazzling display at the now sadly defunct Barfly, The Features were once again headlining a Glasgow stage and for moments during tonight’s rapid-fire stomp it was as if they’d never been away.
Full of energy and clearly happy to see a decent-sized crowd, older songs like Exhibit A, Exercising Demons and That’s The Way It’s Meant To Be bounced along, as did those punters keen to make up for lost time.
Of the new tracks showcased it was Old & Cold that stood out thanks mainly to its explosive euphoric climax – little wonder then singer Matt Pelham was swamped by eager fans enthusiastically embracing the band’s return after the show.


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