One Night Only @ Tut’s 14-07-10

July 19, 2010

King Tut’s, Glasgow, July 14 *

On tonight’s evidence it’s fair to say that Yorkshire ‘band’ One Night Only are really just singer George Craig plus the guys who originally founded the indie-pop outfit back in 2003. For an hour the Burberry model and current beau of Harry Potter actress Emma Watson took centre stage to deliver one mindless indie-pop anthem after another while his band-mates tellingly were left to occupy the peripheries.
If Craig was a particularly good frontman or had even shown an ounce of presence you could maybe forgive some of the atrocious lyrics, clichéd chat and his faux rock credentials but such was the general unimaginative nature of the music that finding anything at all redeeming about tonight’s set is practically impossible.
Essentially One Night Only are a pop Libertines but without the songs, character, appeal, edge or style. Apart from those key elements ONO – a mighty appropriate abbreviation on two levels – were faultless.
Sadly there’s every chance these purveyors of polished pop-pap sadly will soon be riding high in the charts.


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