BLACK MOUNTAIN Oran Mor, Glasgow, September 14 * * * * *

September 17, 2010

Last time Black Mountain were set to play a headline show in Glasgow, illness forced the band to cancel. Thankfully their long overdue return, in support of third album Wilderness Heart, was well worth the two-and-a-half year wait.

The band’s brand of psychedelic heavy rock proved totally mesmerising throughout what was an epic set, but no more so than on the darkly blissed-out Wucan.

With its hypnotic hook, steady groove and effortless flow it made for an entrancing five minutes. It was a trick they repeated time and time again, drawing the crowd further and further into their ethereal world.

Despite sound issues and vocals which fell flat, Stormy High was another stand-out track while of the new material aired, Wilderness Heart was the pick of the bunch.

Although well past the scheduled running time the Canadian quintet returned for an encore and lucky for us they did. An extended, spaced-out rendition of Druganaut proved impossible to resist, the song’s slow-mo riff, infectious drums and drawn-out instrumental sections worked their magic on a crowd eager to make up for lost time and show their appreciation for one of the best live bands currently plying their trade.


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