FEVER RAY ABC, Glasgow, September 6 * * *

September 17, 2010

Using an 80s hair metal band’s lifetime allocation of smoke, moody lighting and the odd impressive burst of lasers to not only create atmosphere befitting Fever Ray’s dark, mysterious and distinctly Scandinavian electronic music, but also to obscure a clear view of just what was going on on stage, may have lent a certain mystic to tonight’s proceedings but as the night wore on and the music deviated from the sublime to the plodding, it was a show which overall flattered to deceive.

The lack of an encore wasn’t a disappointment but the evening as a whole most definitely was as, aside from poor sound, once the novelty of the masked band’s theatrics and singer Karin Dreijer Andersson’s elaborate outfit had been revealed – think a black Whizbit costume with giant black-and-white-checked oven gloves for ears – it was a case of waiting for something to happen.

Something dark and magical did happen during the sublime When I Grow Up, Triangle Walks and Seven, but for much of the rest the anticipation that surrounded tonight’s gig never resulted in a fitting pay-off.


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