JÓNSI Academy, Glasgow, September 5 * * * * *

September 17, 2010

As gig experiences go tonight’s performance was something just a little bit special, a little bit out of the ordinary, but then what else do you expect from the driving force behind sonic pioneers Sigur Rós.

In a regular show the visual aspect usually seems like an afterthought – lights flash, random videos are projected but nothing ties them to the performance. How refreshing it was then tonight to bear witness to a set where the marriage of music and the visual element not only augmented the overall experience, but ultimately made it.

Jónsi, with the help of his multi-instrumental backing band, didn’t have to make concessions to the crowd either – it was ten songs in before the singer shyly said “hi” – instead dark sprawling soundscapes peppered with his distinctive falsetto vocals took the crowd on a journey, leaving them speechless in the process – for over 20 seconds during one extended mid-song break.

Save for the odd deviation into Euro-pop territory it was a truly captivating show and one which climaxed majestically with bewitching final number Grow Till Tall.


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