THE LIKE King Tut’s, Glasgow, September 1 * * *

September 17, 2010

Whether all-girl four-piece The Like – the latest act to be given the Mark Ronson treatment – will make any significant inroads into the mainstream consciousness on the back of their second record, the Ronson-produced Release Me, seems unlikely on tonight’s evidence.

Entertaining and full of energy they may have been, but save for a few tracks it was to be a fairly routine display. Punky 60s pop in places, generic punk pop in others, it was a mixed bag of a set which occasionally sparked into life but overall lacked consistency.

The more inventive He’s Not A Boy was an early highlight as was Narcissus In A Red Dress but easily the quartet’s best moment came courtesy of Trouble In Paradise, a song that, should 007 become Jasmine Bond, would provide the perfect theme.

However a reliance on quick-fire and often overly derivative numbers, in the case of Release Me it was an uncanny resemblance to Belle & Sebastian’s the Track Of Track And Field, overall made it hard to love The Like.


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