CRYSTAL CASTLES ABC, Glasgow, October 19 *

October 25, 2010

For just over an hour Crystal Castles may have had the sold-out crowd bouncing, but such was the mindless nature of practically every song it was a show more memorable for the energy it inspired than the music played. Indeed musically the Canadians offered so little at times, it was left to the lights to provide the entertainment.

Repetitive beats, uninspired arrangements and an overly formulaic approach contributed to making this an entirely unrewarding experience, unless you count a headache and sore eyes as a treat.

Deciphering, hearing or indeed caring about Alice Glass’s woeful vocals was nigh on impossible throughout. Instead what provoked the biggest response were her frequent bouts of crowd-surfing. Watching her delivery was akin to seeing a petulant toddler throw a tantrum, albeit a toddler armed with a bottle of whiskey.

The only real highlight came when she threw her microphone into the crowd and walked off stage – that was definitely worth cheering but only because it signalled the end of a gig devoid of an any redeeming features.


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