FYFE DANGERFIELD Oran Mor, Glasgow, September 30 * *

October 25, 2010

Playing the last night of his UK tour, the final push to promote debut solo album Fly Yellow Moon before heading back into the studio to finish mixing The Guillemots new record, Fyfe Dangerfield eventually ambled on stage after technical difficulties had delayed proceedings.

When he did get down to business he headed straight to the metaphorical middle-of-the-road and never looked back. Mixing dull stripped-down ballads with overblown pop-rock songs, the sold-out crowd may have lapped up the early stages but as the set progressed, minds seemed to wander, voices raised and the bar got busier.

With his overall performance feeling insincere due to the combination of banter and shtick, including the customary audience participation on High On The Tide, insipid lyrics and an at times schmaltzy delivery, it was hard to buy into his singer/songwriter pains and fears.

Songs like Livewire, Faster Than The Setting Sun and top 10 single She’s Always A Woman may possess obvious chart-friendly hooks but they lacked that most important ingredient when it comes to the singer/songwriter, the power to convince.


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