JOSH RITTER Oran Mor, Glasgow, September 18 * * * * *

October 25, 2010

After four albums, through which his song writing talents grew exponentially, Josh Ritter’s fifth album seemed to see the infinitely amiable Idahoian hit something of a plateau.

However this year’s follow-up So Runs The World sees Ritter back to his best, with a collection of songs which look to both past and future.

Having spent time at university in Edinburgh, Ritter has a strong affinity with Scottish crowds and vice versa, so tonight was a homecoming of sorts and one which he and his Royal City Band clearly relished.

His infectious enthusiasm manifested itself in a beaming smile throughout and the occasional jump for joy, while the wealth of beautifully-crafted songs made the crowd hang on his every lyric, every melody. Little wonder given the rousing Americana of Good Man, Wolves, Lillian and the shimmering beauty of The Curse, In The Dark – appropriately enough played in the dark – and new favourite Change Of Time.

Of course no Josh Ritter show would be complete without his whimsical musings between songs – cactuses’ ability to grow in Scotland and biscuit-pinching squirrels just two of tonight’s topics.


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