MAPS & ATLASES Captains Rest, Glasgow, October 10 * * *

October 25, 2010

It’s unfortunate that most of us in attendance at the Captains Rest tonight couldn’t actually see just how Maps & Atlases were conjuring up their unique folk, prog math-rock fusion.

With the ‘stage’ a mighty 6 inches off the ground it was just about possible to see the odd bearded head flash by as the band worked their way through sprawling arrangements driven by complicated rhythms, twisting and turning like a mellow Foals.

Sometimes the twists and turns took you on series of sonic journeys while other times a musical cul-de-sac made penetrating and deciphering their musings difficult.

The balance was best struck on The Charms. Taken from their debut album Perch Patchwork, the numerous pieces of the Maps & Atlases jigsaw fell into place on the back of Chris Hainey’s stutter-step drumming. Sadly seeing Hainey’s percussive skills in full flight was impossible without a pair of stilts.

Without the visual element it wasn’t the most engaging performance but musically there was enough going on to keep ears tuned in.


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