NME RADAR TOUR King Tut’s, Glasgow, October 1 * * *

October 25, 2010

Another year another NME tour. Tonight’s Radar event like previous outings saw three bands, deemed by the NME to be ‘on the radar’, thrown together and packed off to play the country’s smaller venues.

Judging by tonight’s crowd the NME still wields some influence, even if it is just among its dwindling readership. However, if these are the bands that should be on our radar then British indie is in a terrible state.

The Joy Formidable have been around for a long time compared to Chapel Club and Flats and, while that time has been well-spent honing their live shows, they again showed tonight they’re missing those killer hooks required to take them off this ‘radar’ and into the mainstream.

Middle of the bill, Chapel Club showed promise with their shoe-gazey guitar-scapes but for the main part were let down by vocals which lacked resonance, character or apparent self-belief.

As for tonight’s openers Flats, despite possessing passion and intensity in spades their ragged fusion of punk, indie and metal felt convoluted and messy – angry, yes but more importantly aimless.


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