THE VASELINES Oran Mor, Glasgow, September 24 * * *

October 25, 2010

Two years on since The Vaselines reunited at Glasgow’s ABC, Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee have recorded new album Sex With An X, got a new live band together and racked up some much-needed time on the road.

Tonight playing the intimate surrounds of Oran Mor, there was a real sense of urgency and no shortage of energy as the five-piece rattled through openers Oliver Twisted, The Day I Was A Horse and I Hate The 80s.

Strangely for a hometown gig, atmosphere was thin on the ground. Possibly a result of an overly long set list and the inevitable lulls that ensued, often Kelly and McKee’s banter proved more entertaining than the music as too many songs failed to distinguish themselves.

Support band, Glasgow trio Haight-Ashbury proved an altogether more compelling proposition thanks to their psychedelic folk fusion. Sure a tendency to over complicate some songs did detract from their potency but on the whole their imaginative arrangements and darkly bewitching melodies made it a set to remember.


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