WILCO Barrowlands, Glasgow, September 16 * * * *

October 25, 2010

“I’ve been pining for you. We were in Ireland last week … I could see you. You’re my people” Jeff Tweedy told tonight’s Barrowlands’ crowd with a wry smile on his face. Even the most cynical punter would have struggled to find Tweedy’s sincerity disingenuous such was the way he and his band carried themselves throughout tonight’s two-hour set.

Finally managing to fit in a Scottish date in support of their latest album, Wilco – The Album, the six-piece’s take on American indie, although worthy of wider acclaim, is still considered an outsider commodity. Perhaps that’s why every jagged guitar line, every sublime lyric delivered with emotion and belief by Tweedy was so eagerly received by the audience.

Generating a glorious cacophony of distorted guitar coupled with Glenn Kotche’s deft flicks and rolls, I Am Trying To Break Your Heart provided an early highlight. From then on in, the energy of the performance along with songs like Jesus, Etc. and Via Chicago ensured the crowd was sent home sweaty but happy.


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