LES SAVY FAV Oran Mor, Glasgow, November 13 * * * *

January 9, 2011

No one was safe from the marauding Tim Harrington tonight, not even the guy playing the fruit machine at the back of the Oran Mor, as Les Savy Fav’s larger-than-life singer took every chance to get amongst the crowd.

Throughout what was an unpredictable set, in terms of delivery at least, Harrington was a loose cannon, screaming in the faces of unsuspecting punters, charging through the crowd. You were never sure where he might pop up or what he might be wearing, at one point he donned a hippo mask before launching into another incomprehensible whirlwind of mangled vocals.

While Harrington’s antics didn’t always appear to be appreciated by the rest of the band – drummer Harrison Hayes seemed less than impressed throughout – judging by the crowd’s response they wouldn’t have had it any other way.

At times Harrington was an overshadowing force, but equally without the raw energy of the frontman’s performance it would have been a distinctly average display as musically the band’s indie-rock only came to life when Harrington was in full flight.


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