ST DELUXE King Tut’s, Glasgow, December 19 * *

January 9, 2011

With their second album in the pipeline, St Deluxe took the chance tonight to test out some new material. However it was far from plain sailing, as poor sound, uninspired vocals and a convoluted approach rendered much of their performance distinctly sub-par.

After a promising start, new track After The Fire soon fell apart. Uneasy, stutter-step drums seemed jarringly out of place while the heavily distorted guitars got tangled in a web of noise that overall sounded messy rather than grungy.

The best riff of the night came courtesy of Slip Away. Blasted out, the catchy hook book-ended the song but unfortunately for the most part it seemed like an extended and slightly different version of previous track New Wave Stars.

Another new song, Perfect 10, and again the Glasgow four-piece seemed all over the shop. At times it sounded as though they were playing different songs.

The sound blighted their efforts throughout, but with singer/guitarist Jamie Cameron’s ineffectual vocals adding to the general dirge, it’s hard to imagine things being much different even if ropey sound hadn’t been an issue.


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