THE CORAL ABC1, Glasgow, November 19 * * *

January 9, 2011

Crowds play a huge part when it comes to experiencing live music. Without a passionate, focussed crowd, bands will often just go through the motions while, fuelled by the reaction of pumped-up fans, they tend to rise to the occasion.

Tonight neither the crowd nor the band seemed that up for it, both being strangely lifeless for much of this 23-song set. On the brief moments the five-piece did inject a little energy into proceedings, it didn’t last long.

The instrumental sections on songs like Rebecca And You and Coney Island showed the band’s more interesting rockier psychedelic side and while they may only have played it once before, the introduction of a new untitled song was a definite highlight. Sadly the same couldn’t be said of much of what followed, as with little in the way of presence at times the set plodded along.

That said on the whole it was the total lack of energy and atmosphere, not helped by a poor turn-out, that made tonight a far from dazzling display.


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