THE DRUMS ABC1, Glasgow, November 29 * *

January 9, 2011

Braving the elements to see The Drums tonight on paper seemed worth a gamble, after all the Brooklyn quartet have scored rave reviews for their eponymous debut album. There’s also the matter of scoring high on the much-coveted but entirely unreliable ones-to-watch lists for 2010.

In reality, for an hour tonight The Drums did little to distinguish themselves from the current rank of ‘now-sounding’ indie-pop bands. Songs followed a predictable pattern, annoying riffs came and went and singer Jonathan Pierce’s nasal whine grew more and more shrill.

The sold-out crowd by and large ate it up, bouncing along to songs like Best Friend, Let’s Go Surfing and Forever And Ever Amen, but then again large sections also cheered wildly when Pierce took off his jacket.

At least visually it was an entertaining affair, albeit unintentionally at times. Aside from the lights which lent some much-needed atmosphere, watching Jacob Graham twirl and waltz with his guitar like a demented ballerina helped raise a much-needed smile on what was overall a night to forget.


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