THE NATIONAL Academy, Glasgow, November 26 * * *

January 9, 2011

The last time The National played the Academy they supported Editors. In the four years since, the Brooklyn-based five-piece has gone from strength to strength, releasing two more critically-acclaimed albums, the most recent of which was this year’s High Violet.

Not surprisingly anticipation levels were extremely high before the band trooped on stage, but sadly a combination of hollow sound, a new-material-heavy set list and an at times tired delivery meant overall it was a disappointing display.

All The Wine was the worst affected by sound deficiencies, the song reduced to a shadow of its usual glorious self while the bulk of material from High Violet lacked depth.

Conversation 16 was the pick of the new songs but for sheer potency and the sight of singer Matt Berninger working his way through the Academy crowd to deliver his vitriolic barrage from the sound desk, it was Mr November that stole the show.

An eventful encore saw the band debut a new track, a piano-led slow-burner, then round things off with an a capella rendition of Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks – a nice idea in theory but one which in practise proved patchy.


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