TOKYO POLICE CLUB King Tut’s, Glasgow, November 6 * * *

January 9, 2011

Tokyo Police Club know how to work a crowd, that much was clear from tonight’s performance, however leaving any lasting impression was an altogether different story.

Middle-of-the-road songs dominated proceedings, songs almost totally devoid of a cutting edge while noteworthy hooks were thin on the ground too. Not that it mattered to the couple of hundred fans who, like the band, created plenty of energy throughout what was a rapid-fire set.

A reliance on simple but lacklustre synth hooks, coupled with a frenetic delivery made songs like In A Cave, Big Difference and Box come and go in a blur.

Better came when the Canadian quartet ditched the synth in favour of a more direct, guitar-driven approach. Lifted from latest album Champ, End Of A Spark was by far the band’s best offering but even it only just crept above average.

Despite their enthusiasm and knack for galvanising a crowd with their upbeat indie-pop, overall it was a pedestrian affair and one which failed to deliver.


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