RUMER Classic Grand, Glasgow, January 18 * *

January 28, 2011

The writing was on the wall before tonight’s set even started. A largely middle-aged crowd whooped with the kind of excitement you’d expect from the infrequent gig goer as first the backing band and then tonight’s main attraction Rumer took to the stage.

Sure enough songs that wouldn’t be out of place on a ‘The Best Sunday Afternoon Chill Out … Ever’ album followed, as for just over an hour Rumer, real name Sarah Joyce, dispensed the kind of uninspired jazz-infused pop music that you’re forced to endure in elevators.

Samey numbers delivered with minimal passion and soul came and went in routine fashion with the only saving grace being the concise nature of lounge songs like Am I Forgiven, Take Me As I Am and Slow.

Surprises were thin on the ground throughout, although telling the audience as the set neared its conclusion that, “Now I get to play the songs I like” suggested that even Joyce was far from enthused by the what had gone before. Very much a night to forget.


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