SLEIGH BELLS Stereo, Glasgow, January 22 *

January 28, 2011

The song titles in the following review are not real. Their identities have been changed to protect them from ridicule.

For those of us among the sold-out crowd tonight who didn’t fall for the hype, Sleigh Bells’ 30-minute set tonight proved torturous.

Essentially a karaoke night thanks to the over-powering backing tracks, guitarist of sorts Derek Miller and occasionally-audible singer Alexis Krauss did know how to work the crowd, what poses to strike, postures to make but sadly seemed to have forgotten to write any songs.

Instead tracks like Way Too Bassy, That’s 30 Minutes I Won’t Get Back and Take Me Now (End My Pain) blurred into one turgid ball of noise.

Apparently what they create is noise-pop (50 percent accurate), a term as meaningful as what they really are, a nu-nu-rave band – think a slightly more woeful Crystal Castles.

Borrowing from the Prodigy and RATM on their few moments of coherency, combined with the odd strobe burst may have done the trick for fans but for the rest of us, judging by the post-gig discussions, Sleigh Bells are a loathe-them-or-love-them-band.


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