STAG & DAGGER Various Venues, Glasgow, May 21 * *

August 11, 2011

If you were one of the dozens of people unable to gain entry to see arguably the festival’s biggest pull, Sons and Daughters, then this year’s Stag & Dagger was a truly frustrating affair. Fans of Yuck faced a similar fate as the organisers’ lack of foresight when it came to venue allocation left many disappointed.

Fielding the weakest line-up since its inception, there was little to choose from given the filler-heavy bill, but thanks in no small part to Desalvo, what could have been a total wash-out was salvaged due to another all-conquering display. Also worthy of note were fellow Glaswegians Happy Particles, who showed much promise during their brief set.

Happy Particles’ ‘Infinite Jet’ Live


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