THE DECEMBERISTS Barrowlands, Glasgow, March 5 * * * *

August 11, 2011

Creating an intimate atmosphere in a venue the size of the Barrowlands isn’t an easy task. Making a connection with 1900 people takes a frontman with charisma and in the case of The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy the kind of dry humour that makes an audience hang on every word, sung or spoken.

Add to the equation a seemingly unending supply of beautifully-crafted indie-folk songs and you have something quite special. It’s little wonder then that tonight’s crowd were so eager to show their appreciation for the Portland five-piece.

July July, the REM-influenced Down By The Water and The Rake’s Song proved hard to resist while Los Angeles, I’m Yours with its cinematic feel and sweeping orchestration was the pick of a set which never failed to engage the crowd.

Thanks to the richness of the music and the joy with which the band played, tonight’s two-hour set seemed over in the blink of an eye. It certainly sent the crowd home happy with few leaving before the band completed their second encore.

The Decemberists’ ‘This Is Why We Fight’


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